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i love to cook with my mom. hopefully i will live up to her cooking skills one day. she makes the best ahí de gallina, a classic Peruvian dish. who knows, maybe one day i'll make it for you one day!

i love taking videos on an old camera i found at a thrift store, especially when it comes to capturing culture. in this video we're making causa! so yummy!

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i'm so thankful to my mom. she embraces her culture so fully while being in another country and it is engrained in every part of my life. without her, i wouldn't know what it is to be hardworking.

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i always thought it was a little ridiculous how dog owners had a million photos of their dog...but now that's me and i'm not sure how i feel about that haha

my husband loves to take pics of me when i eat, especially with desserts, because it usually ends up on my clothes :) 

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the spill

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