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designed to divide tracks, not people


the stem player is an audio remix device that allows you to split any song into four stems all in the palm of your hand. you can isolate/divide vocals, slow down tracks, reverse tracks and mix tracks. KanoTech, the technology developer of this product, had been partnered with Kanye, but separated due to his antisemitic comments.

so that led us to the idea of Dr. Dre buying out the Stem Player and becoming the face of the product. 

when kanye began to spread hate, beats by dre

bought his product and used it as a device to spread love


 flyers and billboards announce that the stem player is "under new ownership".

they are placed near thriving music scenes such as clubs, concert venues, studios, record shops, on street poles, etc. - building underground excitement about changes to the revolutionary stem player technology

out of home 1.1.png

after phase one creates buzz about the future of the stem player, beats by dre officially announces that they have purchased the technology


along with this announcement they reveal their tagline for the product,

"designed to divide tracks, not people"


beats by dre releases the major campaign elements in video and print


each element highlights a feature of the stem player while simultaneously emphasizing a message of acceptance and equality

print 2 kahkfd.png

director: remington butler

art director: brianna aguilar

art director for video spot: brianna aguilar and kennethia dorsey 

copywriter: john starkweather

director of photography: taylor ballard

strategist: jake babcock

producer: alex McBride

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